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Kentucky Eviction Notice Forms | Process and Laws

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The Kentucky eviction notice forms are the first step in seeking to have a tenant either comply with the terms of the lease or vacate the premises. If tenant fails to vacate or cure the breach in the time period allowed after written notice from landlord, landlord may pursue a Forcible Detainer Action in the Local District Court. The court will set a court date and the sheriff will serve the tenant with the court filing informing them of the court date. If the tenant does not show up or the landlord prevails during the hearing, landlord will be able to obtain a Warrant of Possession from the court authorizing the sheriff to evict the tenant.

Notices By Type

7-Day Notice to Quit (Non-Payment) – A landlord must let the tenant know that they are delinquent on their rental payments and give them seven days opportunity to  pay the full amount owed before proceeding with the eviction process.

15-Day Notice to Quit (Non-Compliance) – If the tenant is breaching the lease in some other way, other than failing to pay the rent, landlord must give the tenant fifteen days to fix the breach before proceeding with the eviction process.

30-Day Notice to Quit (Month to Month) – This form is used when a landlord needs to let a tenant know that he or she does not intend to renew a month-to-month tenancy and that tenant needs to move out at the ed of the thirty days.

When is Rent Due

In Kentucky, a tenant must pay rent on the day it is due as set forth in the lease between the landlord and tenant. If tenant fails to pay, landlord must provide written demand to tenant and give him or her seven days to pay.

How to Evict (Process)

Step 1 – Before going to court to have a tenant removed from his or her property, landlord must comply with the State of Kentucky’s notice requirements to allow a tenant the chance to rectify the situation. If the problem is for non payment of rent, the landlord must provide a written  7-Day Notice to Quit (Non-Payment). If its for a another type of breach of the lease, landlord must provide a 15-Day Notice to Quit (Non-Compliance). If landlord is just seeking to terminate a month-to-month lease, he or she must provide a 30-Day Notice to Quit (Month to Month). The notice must be delivered by hand or sent certified mail.

Step 2 – If the tenant fails to respond to the notice sent by the landlord, landlord may then seek relief from the District Court by filing a Complaint for Eviction. The court will set a hearing date and the sheriff will serve the tenant notice of the eviction complaint. The tenant has seven days to respond.

Step 3 – If the tenant continues to fail to respond or shows up at the hearing and judgment is entered for the landlord, the court will issues a Warrant for Possession and the tenant will have to be moved out by the date set forth therein, or the sheriff and landlord will move the tenant’s possessions out onto the street.